Task no: 3

Task id # 3

Dipjol and Manna

beginner level

Task goal

  • Learning javascript
  • Practicing DOM
  • practicing onclick event handler

Required skills:


Dipjol is a villain. he wants to kidnap some australian cows. But Hero Manna appears to him as a thorn. Now make a web app, from where only Dipjol can kidnap Australian cows, but Manna can make the cows free.

Hints: Design a one page web application with Javascript where there will be image of Dipjol, Manna and at least 8 Australian cows. If you select Dipjol and then select any cows from a box, it will move the cows to dipjols box. but if you select manna and the select any cows from dipjols box, it will revert that cow in its initial place. Use Javascript / Jquery / React JS / Next JS any thing you want